Stainless Steel Door

3D Designed Frame -Door frame is specially design with 3D stereoscopic effect.

Sus 304 Heavy Duty Hinger -It is designed for heavy duty usage as the hold the heavy stainless steel door

Safety Muiti Lock -It consist of 11 slots but only 1 key is required to control all slots.(1 upper lock,6 middle loks and 3 lower locks) This feature ensure high security and force open is impossible.

50mm thickness stainless steel solid board-The board is filied with construstion foam.It is solid and tough.

Solid Board door panel -It made sawing and scissors-cuting impossible.

Curved Edges -The edge of the door is designed with a curved slot to prevent forced-in tools and accessory insertion

Anti-Burglary Edge -The recessed door slot on the side of the door,this design can prevent any attempt to destroy

Slot Edge bottom frame -The designated bottom frame below prevents small animals from entering

Safety Small Panel Door In Door -Not only meant for air circulation but it is safe enough to open and see from on inside.And with Sus 304 Deadbolt locks