Golden Best Security Door Trading
19 & 19A,
Jalan Persiaran Cahaya 1,
Taman Cahaya Indah,
68000 Ampang,
Selangor, Malaysia.


Repair Service:


Made from Electro Galvanised Mild Steel. Doors coated with long lasting colour by using high grade of Powder Coat which available in 4 colours, Blue, Copper, Green and White. Built in with 11 locks and control by ONE key only. Anti-Termite with easy maintenance.

Security Door Features 防盗门产品特点 :

  • Hard in Shape - 坚硬外形
  • Anti Burglary Pin - 防盗窃针
  • Heavy Duty Hinge - 重型铰链
  • Rockwool Insulation - 岩棉隔热
  • Middle, Lower and Upper Lock - 中间,上(下)锁定
  • AB Lock - AB锁

Why Security Doors 为什么用防盗门 :

  • To have peace of mind - 安心感
  • Prevent burglaries & break in - 防止爆窃和突破



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